Victor Harbour

port-01.jpg (67895 bytes) port-02.jpg (98690 bytes) There was a light rain during our visit
Victor Harbor, 84km (52mi) south of Adelaide, is the main town on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Victor Harbor was founded as a sealing and whaling center in the 1830s, but the whalers closed shop in 1864.  The town is protected from the angry Southern Ocean by Granite Island, which is connected to the mainland by a causeway.  There is a double-decker tram pulled by Clydesdale horses that takes people over the causeway.  The island is also a rookery for little penguins. There is an educational center that will tell you all about the little fellas, or you can take an evening walk to watch the penguins come home from fishing.  (We did this on Kangaroo Island - our next stop.)

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