Ayers Rock Resort (Yulara)

Ayers Rock Resort (aka Yulara) was built at a cost of $250 million.  It was created to service demand for access and to lower its environmental impact on the landscape.

Environmental Management:
The design of the Resort, by leading Australian architect Philip Cox, is based on managing the effects of tourism on the unique natural and cultural environment.  The current site has many excellent environmental features:

  • No part of the resort rises higher than the surrounding dunes.
  • The Resort is located outside of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Park itself.
  • The buildings are sited to provide shade to one another.
  • Large expanses of glass face away from the sun.
  • A double roof system reduces air conditioning needs by 40 percent.
  • The white sails screen UV rays and conduct cool air through the Resort.
  • Bore water is desalinated for human consumption at the Water Treatment plant.
  • Waste water is biologically treated and used for irrigation.

All the town’s facilities branch off a central ring road called Yulara Drive around which a free bus circulates.  Within this ring is a duned area crisscrossed with tracks and the Imalung Lookout, scanning the Rock and Kata Tjuta on the horizon.  In the Shopping Square, off Yulara Drive, you’ll find a post office, supermarket, newsagent, baker and a bank.  

Near the Imalung Lookout there’s an Observatory which takes advantage of the exceptionally clear skies in the desert to scan the sun by day and stars by night.

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